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Levy Tax group, Inc. is one-stop firm for individual and corporate clients.

Levy Tax Group, Inc. is a one-stop tax firm for international and US tax needs. We deliver an end-to-end tax and accounting supports to help business and individual grow. We specialize in providing customized tax and accounting solutions for businesses at a reasonable price, and our goal is to be your ultimate tax partner while helping you succeeds in making your business more profitable.

At Levy Tax Group, we pride ourselves in delivering quality and affordable tax and accounting services. We work with you and your team to improve your tax and accounting needs, streamline your business tax returns, and put everything in place to bring out the success in your business. Through precise identification of your business operations and accounting needs, careful analysis of your business, and open collaboration we will provide a result-oriented advice that produces consistent and reliable results. By carefully analyzing your accounting and tax needs, we make sure that we work with you to optimize your financial situation and to structure your business in the most beneficial way.

We believe Levy Tax Group is your best Tax and Accounting solution partner that can help you efficiently manage your tax and accounting concern. While we invest in the foundation of a long-term relationship, we plan to take your satisfaction as a priority. We are encouraged to make a difference in your business.

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